Annual Trust Professional Development Conference

In 2021, RET launched its annual trust-wide inset day, “The Big Conversation”. The event was based on a series of conversations aimed to ‘whet the appetite’ of staff and become a stepping stone for further learning and enquiry.

Each year The Big Conversation will bring all colleagues together presenting an opportunity for colleagues to connect, network, share and discuss best practices, as well as learning something new or/and build upon prior knowledge. The Big Conversation acts as catalysis to further learning and reflection through our Small Talk events that take place during the academic year, supporting the Trust’s CPD cycle:

  • Identify need
  • What are we trying to change?
  • What id the issue?
  • What are our needs?
  • What is out goal?
  • Check our assumptions
  • Explore what to try, how to do it
  • Prepare for learning
  • Pre-reading
  • Range of expert voices
  • Evidence informed
  • Learning session to broaden knowledge
  • Individual practice
  • Attempt small changes in practice following learning
  • Self-reflection on practice
  • Cyclical through reflection
  • Self evaluation of impact
  • Peer evaluation of impact
  • Peer reflection
  • Discuss, reflect, share, problem solve, adjust and/or embed in practice

Evaluation point 1

Participant reaction

  • Individual reaction during learning

Participant learning

  • Formal evaluation
  • Identify next steps (self or with peers) including areas of practice, further training needs etc

Evaluation point 2

Participants use of knowledge

  • Have they done what they said they’d do?
  • Have barriers been addressed
  • Evidence of change of practice
  • Evidence of sustained change of practice

Evaluation point 3


  • Direct impact – pupil outcomes
  • Indirect impact – change in practice
  • Did what we want to happen, happen?
  • Was it worth it (time, resources)
  • Do we need to stop?
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