Pupil & Parent Voice Summary

A pupil voice survey was launched during Spring 2 where Leaders during their offsite QA visits asked pupils to complete the survey.  

Number of responses to survey – 57 pupils. 

Key responses to questions; 

  • ‘I enjoy attending education’ – 77% agree/strongly agree 
  • ‘I prefer my education now compared to mainstream school’ – 82% agree or strongly agree 
  • ‘My education provider encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally’ – 92% agree or strongly agree 
  • ‘I feel safe at my education provider’ – 93% agree/strongly agree

A parent survey was launched w/c the 8th of May. At the time of writing, there have been 14 responses to the survey.  

We asked the question, ‘Are there any areas where you feel your child’s education provider has done particularly well? 

Family of Schools

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